Appointment & Fees

**Offering both in-person and virtual appointments in a safe and comfortable setting

Make an Appointment

Individual appointment are available Monday through Friday, day and early evening.  Individual sessions are typically 45-50 in length.  I would prefer to initially discuss your circumstances and my approach to psychotherapy to determine if working together would be helpful to you.  Towards that end, I am happy to schedule a 30-45-minute phone consultation with you at no cost.  If you are not a good match, I will gladly provide referrals to individuals or agencies that may serve you more effectively. 

Once an appointment has been scheduled I will email you the following forms for you to complete:

Intake Form, Information Form, HIPAA declaration, Consent for Treatment and Consent to Release Information (so that I am able to speak with your health care providers)

Fees & Insurance

In my practice payment is due at the time services are provided.  If you have a PPO or POS plan, I will be happy to provide a statement that will let you seek reimbursement, and assist you with that process.

My fees are in line with community standards and include normal communications by phone or email, patient related research and brief consultation with your other providers, as needed.

I do see people on a sliding scale depending on peoples’ financial circumstances.  You may contact me to discuss your situation.  If your financial situation is a barrier to working with me, I will do my best to assist you in finding an appropriate referral.