About Us

I have often thought that psychotherapy can be too abstract and mysterious.  Often, I think, there is a belief that the therapist has the exclusive window into the client’s unconscious drives or motives.  This view tends to over-pathologize the individual seeking help, with the client having the problem and the therapist holding the solution.  I don’t really think that it works that way.  I have often found that people know what changes they need/want to make in their lives, have good reasons (motivations) for making these changes and have clear ideas of how they can get there. 

In my private practice, I seek to join with the client to form a partnership by which the individual is able to identify the focus of change, identify their personal reasons for changing and develop a plan to get there.  This approach empowers the individual, identifies the strengths and resources they already possess and respects the autonomy and wisdom within each person to make choices that are in their best interests.

A little About Myself

I am a licensed clinical social worker who has been providing counseling and case management for almost 30 years.  While I have worked with people with a wide range of backgrounds and circumstances, I have a particular affinity for working with those dealing with:

The practice is limited to individual adults and I am currently not accepting insurance reimbursement (although will provide clients with an invoice if they wish to seek reimbursement directly from their insurance carrier).  If I am not the right person to help you with your situation, I would be happy to offer referrals to therapists who specialize in working with couples, children or to those who’s concerns may be better served by another resource. 

I think you will find me easy to talk to as I take a respectful and non-judgmental approach to my work.  “There but for good fortune, go I”